Sister Rise Retreat

Hosted by: Be Fearless Inc.

Sister R.I.S.E is ONLY open to 6 women ! This is an intimate setting - life changing moments- and a the beginning of an amazing journey !

$4500.00 $3500 FOR A LIMITED TIME!


Is this Sister R.I.S.E for you?

ONLY available for 6 women


Revitalizing Individuals Sacred Energy

Are you ready to recognize and become aware that you - all of you is sacred?

Are you seeking something different?

This is space where we will ask ourselves the questions that stop us in our tracks. Stretching our mind, body and soul


This R.I.S.E will challenge you - your energy, the ability to understand your super power and the clarity to begin your journey.

Holistic Tools

Sound healing, essential oils, meditation, and other forms of holistic modes will be used to guide us.


We come with the understanding that -what is said and what happens at Sister Rise Retreat is to be honored and never goes beyond the confines of our commitment to help each other R.I.S.E

Quiet Time & Relaxation

There will be refreshing stations- places where you can have the solitude you need to think, experience or perhaps taking in the moment. Time -is valued - as your own !

Ready to join us at Sister R.I.S.E 2021?


I was the only child. Not anymore, I thank God I now have 11 sisters. How cool! Miss you guys! Keep the high vibrational energy with you! I feel it in me and things are working in my favor. Thank you again for an amazing weekend! Love y’all!

T. Owens | SSR 2020

For All Women

This for all women who are ready to R.I.S.E . You have tried everything and still feel as if something is missing- a piece that you can't put your finger on. This retreat is a safe place to recognize, honor and heal your self- worth, your mindset, your soul and to begin a journey of a lifetime with like-minded women.

The ONLY REQUIREMENT is that you come with an open mind !

My Truth

This is the 3rd year for Sister R.I.S.E ! I am excited to begin this journey with you and to hold space for you. I speak with my heart and it is my deepest desire that you realize how amazingly beautiful you are. This journey- is ever evolving - ever changing and I want to encourage you to begin to have a REVOLUTION on the inside of you- so you can disrupt things on the outside!

My Sister- I want you to R.I.S.E ! I want you to fill the power of you, to hold it, love it and walk in it. It is my desire that at this Retreat - I hold space for you - so as you begin to acknowledge your greatness you are surrounded by love, peace, blessings and abundance !

A Word From The Author

“Don't wait for death to be free” Jlwaddell

I have been on this journey for 18 years and during this process -I have always wanted a place to just revitalize and reconnect with me. From this need Sister R.I.S.E was created.

It is my honor to hold space for you, to provide a place of quiet, rest, and revitalization of the mind, spirt, soul and body.

Welcome my sisters to your freedom- welcome to your journey!

J'Anmetra Waddell | Be Fearless Inc.

Why wait? Grab a sister and come on !

Why put off your opportunity to R.I.S.E ? You can bring your best friend, sister... with you- and have an experience of a life time!

Remember it is only open to 6 women !



If you join us now

I'm ready to R.I.S.E

Plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. However, I want to make sure that you are one of the 6 women that join me for Sister Rise 2022.

Each plan is outfitted to give you options to pay over the course of a few months and with the confidence of knowing that you will be attending the retreat.

Remember the price goes up to $4500 on June 29th !

Pay in Full

If you would like to pay in full this option is for you !

  • Lodging
  • Private Chef
  • Gift Bags
  • 1:1 w/ J'Anmetra
  • LPC Blueprint



Sisterly Pace

I'm ready to join my Sisters

  • Lodging
  • Private Chef
  • Gift Bags
  • LPC Blueprint

$500/month (7)

Sisterly Stroll

I'm ready to join my Sisters !

  • Lodging
  • Private Chef
  • Gift Bag
  • LPC Blueprint




I Bought My Ticket Now What?

After you have purchased your ticket you will receive a confirmation and welcome email. This email will have general trip information. As the date of the retreat approaches, you will receive more emails with the detailed agenda and schedule for the Retreat


Yes, we will still have the Sister Rise Retreat. There will be forms for you to sign and acknowledge before you arrive- and it will be reviewed again once you arrive. If you are worried, concerned, and or have pre-existing conditions please make the best decision for you! The Sister Rise Retreat will always be here- we want you healthy! 

How do I get to the Sister Rise Retreat?

The Sister Rise Retreat will be in Saint Helena Island, SC. Flight, Shuttle Service & Travel Arrangements are not included. We recommend all guests practice personal responsibility when traveling and purchasing travel insurance when booking your flight. 

Location for Sister Rise Retreat

The address will be supplied once payment is received.


There will be a private chef to provide our meals. If you have any allergies or limitations, please make sure to complete your allergy form. 


3 nights and 4 days of shared accommodations at an immaculate seaside home with access to a private community beach. 



The Sister Rise Retreat is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the event- you will be allowed to transfer your balance to our Sister Rise Coaching Program or use it to apply to the following year's Retreat. 

Can I gift my space?

Yes, you can gift your space. Please notify us by email with all the details at


The agenda for the Sister Rise Retreat is set however if you feel the need to step away from the activities to do inner work that requires your quiet time- you are free to do so! We just ask that you participate fully to receive the maximum benefit of the Retreat.

IMPORTANT: Sister Rise Retreat is not a personalized therapy program. We are a few women who are sharing holistic ways that have helped us navigate this journey of life and provide you with the tools to begin your journey.

Sister Rise Retreat 2023

If you are not ready for the 2021 Sister Rise Retreat- no worries- we are already planning an amazing experience for 2023. Make sure you are on our mailing list to stay up to date so you can grab your sister, your friend, and join us next year! 


• Yes, there will be Wi-Fi

• Kids are not allowed to attend the event -due to the nature of the conversations and the atmosphere